Bridal Session at The Arboretum Dallas

What does Pizza Hut and freshman year crushes or beta fish have to do with bridal sessions? Nothing. But they have a lot to do with Hilliary!

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April 12, 2024

Emily Boone

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Bridal Session at The Arboretum Dallas

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How special to share Hilliary’s bridal session at The Arboretum Dallas with you all today. Hilliary is my dearest friend. We met as two goofy freshman at Baylor University (she was my roomie). And instead of talking about the session or the weather or her (perfecttttt) dress, I think I’m just going to remind you first of a few other posts that feature her (check out their engagement session + some photos I snapped at her bach party) and then just let you get to know Hilliary through the lens of my memories.

The Most Epic Day

I think it’s only fair to begin with one of my earliest and most vibrant memories of Hil. Travel back with me to the ancient halls of Collins residence hall at Baylor University. Turn the corner on the first floor and find yourself standing outside room 102 (a corner room – the biggest room in Collins), and if you pressed your ear to the door for about 12 hours that day you’d hear a Friends marathon that only stopped when we went to get Pizza Hut for dinner, promptly to hop back in our beds again and resume what ended up being both the best and worst day of our lives. (Best because – I mean it was awesome. Worst because I probably gained my freshman 15 on that one day alone.)

Bear Mountain Boy

Fast forward a year or so and you’ll find us both in the throws of a deep search. Not for meaning. Not for good grades. But for a certain fella we’d deemed “Bear Mountain Boy.” Bear Mountain is an outdoor store (or was at least) in Waco, and upon stumbling in once, Hil’s eyes landed on a sight to behold: Bear Mountain Boy. (Honestly it wasn’t that big of a deal. She just thought he was cute.) But his lore grew and grew as we could never place who that guy was, but occasionally she’d burst into our room and announce: “I SAW HIM TODAY IN THE SUB.” Or wherever it was she caught a glimpse.

Continuing on, I think we made it probably all the way to our senior year with never actually figuring out who this guy was. But around the same time I’d become good buddies with some of my brother’s friends, one of them being Cpax. He felt like a regular in my life. Saw him all the time and always enjoyed overlapping time. Hil had heard of Cpax just through proximity. Well as I can assume you’re guessing, one day — I think we were in the library??? — I was studying with Hil and Cpax walked by and we said hey/chatted for a minute. After he left I looked over at Hil and her eyes were so big. We’d indeed discovered who the infamous Bear Mountain Boy to be – who else but our beloved Cpax? I just think this story is hilarious and honestly feel great sharing it hear because really, what are the odds he’d see this.


Last one: freshman year we had a beta fish. We named him Michael Scott because we loved The Office. Well obviously he died shortly after we got him (because how long to those guys even live anyway?) and we had a memorial for him in the courtyard outside our window. Invited our friends. One came. Twas great. RIP Michael.

And that’s Hil! (Dear Hil, forgive me this blog post. Long live pizza Friends marathons, Bear Mountain Boy, Michael, and Collins 102.)

Here’s another lovely bridal session I think you’ll love! (Sorry, no stories about beta fish though.)


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  1. Susan Larkin says:

    I’m desperately hoping I was the friend that came to honor Michael. Also I might make a photo book of these for myself and every time I look at it I’ll think “My friend Em is sooooo talented and my friend Hil is heartstoppingly beautiful”

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