Life is short. Trends fade, possessions don't last and we all get wrinkles.

But Love. Marriage. 

Choosing that one person to marry, commit to, care for, support, serve, cherish... that's the kind of thing time can't touch, moths can't eat, rust can't tarnish. What greater love is this than to lay your life down for another? 

Your wedding is the trailhead of your marriage. Who knows what valleys and summits await you. But you can know for sure that if this is your treasure, our heart is to capture it for you. 


We're about it. 

It happened! Your cup overflows. You've found the one your soul loves. You're ready to dance down the aisle to your beloved and you need a photographer who will dance with you. You've come to the right place. I treasure nothing more than getting to serve my couples on the day they step into the greatest adventure of their lives.

STEP 1: 

We hang! You and I chat on FaceTime, grab a cup of coffee, or even go for a walk (I'd actually really love that). Why? Because, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Connection is crucial. You need someone you can trust. Let's make sure I'm the a great fit for you and your fiance. 

STEP 2: 

You join the team! EBP was made for you and you were made for EBP. I'm pumped to be your go to gal and serve you as an EBoone Bride. And what do my brides get first? That ENGAGEMENT SESSION you've been dreaming about since Pinterest became a thing, so basically forever. And don't worry, I've got your back. You'll get all the outfit inpso and location guidance you need. This happens once. Let's make it epic. 

STEP 3: 

The journey in-between! I'm here for ya. I'll send you a customized wedding day timeline so you don't have to even think about it, I'll be creating a stream of new blog posts just to help you prep for marriage and the wedding, we'll shoot your bridals (my very very very favorite thing to get to do for EBoone Brides!!!!) you'll get a questionnaire 6-8 weeks before the wedding for you to list all those group photos you're so excited about and, girl, so much more. 

STEP 4: 

It's Summit Day - your wedding!!! Just enjoy it. You're ready. All the details have been carefully planned and now is the time to dance down the aisle to your forever friend, supporter, helper, love, and super fine lawn maintenance tech! While you're enjoying your honeymoon you'll get a little surprise from me (spoiler: I'm alllll about surprises for my couples!!) and 6-8 weeks after the wedding you'll get your full gallery to relive your amazing wedding day!  


The EBP Trail Map

When I received our wedding photos, I cried all the happy tears. Emily did such an AMAZING job capturing all the emotions of the day, all the details, everything. Each and every photo is absolutely gorgeous. I can not say enough good things about Emily. She is so incredibly sweet and full of contagious joy! I honestly felt like she was a best friend that I had known for years taking our photos. There is no one else in the world that could have captured our day the way Emily did.

- Arianna

"Emily was the perfect photographer for our wedding. I knew I wanted someone who would make everyone feel comfortable, and put us at ease, and Emily did exactly that. I had people coming up to me all day just to tell me how much they were enjoying her being there."

- Katie

"As a bride, your photographer will be a part of more wedding day moments than your groom will be! Emily was the BEST choice we could've made. We came out with the prettiest pictures that Emily had the eye to capture. She's incredible at what she does and by the end of it you'll be feeling like you've gained a friend who has invested more than just showing up to do her job but who cares for you and wholeheartedly."

- Lora

"If you like Emily's style of photography, trust me, she is the right photographer for you. She will honor your special day like you can't even imagine right now, and you'll gain a friend in the process."

- Nikki

"Emily is a JOY to work with! She is EXTREMELY talented, awesome to work with, very professional, makes taking photos very enjoyable (& not awkward). She is brilliant, organized, and made our wedding day PERFECT!!!! I highly, highly recommend her!"

- Hannah

"Emily is incredible. From the moment I met her to discuss wedding details I knew she not only wanted to take amazing photos, but she genuinely cared about getting to know and love us!"


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EBP is now booking 2019 and 2020 weddings

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EBP is now booking 2019 and 2020 Weddings!