My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party

Pop into this personal post for a good dose of happy, of pink, and of celebration as my bff Hilliary gets married soon!

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September 15, 2023

Emily Boone

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My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party

Get ready for an accidental yet totally appropriate overabundance of PINK, because we’re celebrating my best friend Hilliary’s bachelorette party on the blog today!

When I say an accidental yet totally appropriate overabundance of pink, I am not joking. All of us subconsciously packed pink dresses to wear to dinner one night as we celebrated Hil. So when we all started getting dressed that evening, it was such a happy accident. And totally appropriate, because Hil loves pink. Hil is the essence of pink. She’s bubbly and lovely and kind and happy and she has the best laugh. She is strong and faithful and girly and strong and I’m realizing I’ve said strong twice but I’m going with it because she is STRONG. This girl has a faith and joy that never wavers. 

The weekend was such a happy thing. It was small town front porches. It was warm coffee that I accidentally made far too strong each morning. It was pastries and balloons and cowboy boots and You’ve Got Mail and relaxing on the couch for hours Saturday afternoon because it had been so long since we’d all played so hard, haha. The weekend was just the right amount of activity and relaxing, and Fredericksburg was such a fun destination for the event of celebrating our girl. 

And get ready for more of Hill, y’all, because in addition to her and Derek’s engagement session, soon I’ll be able to share her bridal session and wedding on the blog… and I can’t wait!


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