EST. 2017

Joy joy joy!!!! That’s what this entire day was all about. From the moment I hugged Hope when she arrived at the venue to the moment she and Ryan hopped into their getaway car, this whole day was doused in happy. For one, I’ve had Barr Mansion on my dream venue list to shoot at for a LONG time, but add this couple to this setting and you’ve got a really beautiful day in store.

I’m not sure I can stress how delightful Hope and Ryan are. Hope is like a human disco ball. She shoots joy and light and giddiness out of her heart constantly. It is the BEST. (And the girl can DANCE.) Her excitement for life and the people around her is uncontainable and super contagious. And honestly, I’m not sure I’ve met a man more kind than Ryan. He is such a sweet, gentle person, and together they’re the most delightful company. But together they’re also goofballs, haha. I mean just wait until you see what they did for their reception entrance. Like, they’re so goofy. And they love it. And everyone loves them for it. But the most beautiful thing about Hope and Ryan is how much they love the Lord and desired for their wedding day to glorify Him completely. And it did. From the way Hope and her mom got ready together, to the way Hope honored the men in her life with special first looks for each of them, to the way Ryan loved on and respected his brothers all day, to the beautiful worship at the ceremony, the whole day pointed to Jesus and it filled my soul to the brim.

I really could go on and on about Hope and Ryan and how incredible they are, but at this point, though I love words, I do think the photos will do a better job of introducing them to you! They were each so completely in the moment on their wedding day that every photo has so much emotion packed in it, ugh I just love this day and this couple!! I’m so completely blessed beyond measure to have gotten to witness their wedding day and commitment to each other, and I’m so pumped to share their story on the blog today! Congrats to you, Hope and Ryan!


Photographer – Emily Boone Photography

Venue – Barr Mansion

Bridal Boutique – Amour Bridal

Dress Designer – Martin Thornburg

Groom Apparel – The Black Tux

Catering – Barr Mansion

Florals – DIY

HMU – Mission Stylehouse

DJ – Toast Entertainment!

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