Alicia + Ricky | Commons Ford Engagement Session

Friends, meet Alicia and Ricky, the two laugh-iest people I know! And nothing could stop their happy hearts from being so joyful, even when we had a WIND ADVISORY warning on the day of their session! These guys just blow me away… see what I did there?

All cheesy jokes aside (which, by the way, Ricky happens to love and crack plenty of with his quick witted mind), these guys are so great!!!! First, they love The Office. Second, they love Jesus and seriously exude His joy. Third, they love The Office. And also, they’re Office fans. Did I mention they love The Office?

Walking around Commons Ford with these two was such a treat. I love getting to bring my couples to the places in Austin that are so special to me. And what’s so beautiful is that every time I bring any EBP family to Commons for their session, it is always a different experience. This gem in Austin is so giving. The shades and colors always guarantee variety, and the sheer scope of the location promises one of a kind adventures for each visit. For Alicia and Ricky, it was the most beautiful golden sunset of October and some dreamy wind to really kick up the whimsy factor!

Alicia and Ricky, y’all are so stinking great. I’m so grateful for your joyful hearts and generous laughter. You make each simple moment a beautiful one, and I’m so excited and honored to get to celebrate y’alls marriage with you in June!!

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