Honey Lavender Blueberry Pie

Last night we had a little belated birthday party for my mom at our house, and it was so happy! So my mom and dad came over, and the four of us listened to John Mayer, drank good red wine, laughed a lot, and ate this pie! My mom is the queen of pie, so I knew I wanted to give one a shot for her bday dessert. I’m actually not a big fan of pie (I know, how terrible), but I really loved this one! I think the lavender makes it so, soooo good. If things are too fruity I rarely enjoy them, but the lavender of sets the sweetness of the blueberries in the loveliest way. I also used the honey I talked about in this blog post (a family fav) an that gave the flavor a little more of a special twist, too!

I found the recipe on Pinterest, which took me to Cooking with Cocktail Rings’ blog, which I have to say I’ll visit again for more recipes like this one. She’s so great! It was so easy to make and I’ll definitely replicate this pie in the future because it tastes pretty AND looks pretty too!

PS – I have tons of pretty things like this pinned on my Pinterest if you want to follow me and check it out! I have dreams of making all the incredible cakes pinned in my sweets board, which is actually funny because I’m not a huge cake girl. But, after this Honey Lavender Blueberry pie, I’m definitely getting closer to a true pie girl!

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