Reagan | Joyful Texas A&M Senior Session

Uhhhhh, okay yeah. This was a good one. When Reagan asked me if she could bring her Golden Doodle puppy to her Senior Session I’m pretty sure I responded too quickly with something along the lines of “So yeah, if you don’t I’ll be upset.” 😂 Yeah I really gotta learn how to tame that animal hype I’ve got going on. BUT, I’m glad I even too exuberantly told Reagan to bring her little pup because he took this session from happiest to happiest PLUS. I mean I actually don’t know how this session could be one I’m more in love with even if Reagan hadn’t brought her little bear, BECAUSE, Y’ALL, THIS SESSION. THIS SENIOR. THIS LIGHT. THESE COLORS. ALL THE THINGS.

First, Reagan is insanely precious. She’s absolutely stunning on the outside, but her happy heart.. wow. It’s like a magnet. You just wanna be around her. [ Speaking of, Reagan, can we just hang out? ] Okay, second, THAT OVERALL DRESS. And the earrings. And the confetti. Wow I mean it feels like a fiesta in a photo. Also we were 100% jamming to Taylor Swift in a basically vacated Admin Building so the hype was high anyway. Just looking at these photos takes me back to this day when my heart was poppin’ like fresh champagne from all the happies of this session lopped into one big joyful moment. Reagan and her sweet smile just have that affect on people. Oh yeah, but don’t forget: baby Golden Doodle. So add the human equivalent of confetti to how a puppy makes you feel, and you’ve got what this senior session experience with Reagan feels like! ✨

Oh, and you know I had to get a moment with that pup, right? 🙂

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