Tasha + John | Antique Rose Emporium Engagement Session

As sunny and happy as the light was on this summer evening is as sunny and happy Tasha and John make me feel. How do I always get so lucky with my couples? I’m so blessed, y’all!! #Dreamjob!!

This evening at The Antique Rose Emporium was a dreammmm. Seriously, Tasha and John may be the chillest couple ever. The minute John greeted me from the car I knew instantly that all of my time with them was going to be very good. Is it weird to say I’m kind of obsessed with them? Sorry if that’s weird, guys, but I just love y’all.

First of all, I think Tasha looks like a blonde Kacey Musgraves, though she said she gets Carrie Underwood a lot, which I also see, too (girl is #blessed). And to continue the SpaceyKasey vibes, Tasha is just coooool. When you meet her you instantly feel okay in your own skin. I’m not even sure how to elaborate more on that… she just has this presence about her that makes you feel like you’re happy with yourself, too. It’s such a gift. She’s got this calm self confidence about her that somehow empowers you to feel the same way. It’s seriously awesome and it’s probably why I wish I could hang out with her all the time. Meanwhile, John is, like, the happiest guy I’ve ever met. He has a roll with the punches kind of happy like he’ll be smiling through the thick and thin. His spirit animal has got to be a Golden Retriever. Or something that everyone loves, is super loyal, and always wants to be around. Also, these two have known each other since high school and they’ve got the most laid back, flirty connection that is so fun to watch. So maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with them? Because THEY ARE THE BEST.

Tasha and John, I’m SO excited that I’m your wedding photographer and I seriously can’t wait for your wedding in September!!

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