Reagan | Barn at Hickory Creek Bridal Session

Reagan, you are actual sunshine!! I just LOVE this EBoone Bride and I’m so glad that she opted for a bridal session! This day was so delightfully happy. It was perfect weather out at The Barn at Hickory Creek and Reagan’s huge smile brought even more brightness to the day. And to make the day even more special, Reagan’s daughter Paisleigh (basically her mini-me) was in attendance as well, bopping around the property with her adventurous spirit and happy toddler chirping.

I love these sessions with my brides because we get to know each other so well (not to mention I get to deliver a full gallery of beautiful bridal portraits that always make my heart stop). Reagan had me laughing so hard the entire session. She’s just a joy bomb. If I’m ever in a bad mood I just need to call Reagan up and I’ll be belly-laughing in no time. Reagan has the best attitude. Walking around the venue for her bridal session, I was able to hear her real heart behind her wedding: to get married. While she was excited about the unique venue (which used to be a real working barn) and her incredible personal touches to her ensemble (hi, custom leather earrings and Converse kicks) and wedding decor, she was mostly just excited to finally be a family with Bradley. Also, I knew Reagan and I were kindred spirits when she saw my tiny turquoise band that I wear stacked with my wedding rings and said she was going to have something almost exactly like that in her wedding bands. But more than learning about her cute Converse and our mutual love of turquoise, during this session I got to see Reagan’s sweet, spunky spirit even more – one which she has passed on to precious Paisleigh.

Watching my brides dance around in a field wearing the dress of their dreams while I snap photos is always my idea of the best way we could spend an hour or two together. Reagan’s session turned out so joyful – just like her – and I’m so excited to share it today!

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