Kassie + Stuart | Summer Engagement Session at Texas A&M

Kassie and Stuart make my heart SO FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you why. Here’s some back story: I still don’t know Texas A&M campus very well, but Stuart is an Aggie and they were excited to have their engagement session there. We met at the Admin Building, and they had told me they parked in a garage while I parked in the Admin Building parking lot. At the end of their session, we all started walking from the Century Tree back to the Admin building and when we got there I realized there was no garage anywhere near where I’d parked!! When I was freaking out that they’d walked with me all the way across campus to my car Kassie simply said that they had wanted to walk me to my car and make sure I got home safe. I had no clue what they were doing until we got to the parking lot and realized their car was no where near mine and I mean all I could do driving home from their session was just fly my hand out the window and smile. I felt so cared for. These two make people feel so loved. But even aside from their sweet thoughtfulness in getting me home safely, from the first time I put my camera to my face we were all just dying laughing. THESE GUYS ARE SO FUN. I mean, this is just the kind of couple that makes you feel SO GOOD. I was feeling giddy just because they were feeling giddy. And not to mention that it was mid June and about 20 degrees cooler than it should have been this time of year, thank you God!

Also, I just have to publicly say thank you to Stuart for what he does for a living. He is a police officer in Baytown and works every day to keep people safe. It felt really special to get to include his badge and name tag in some detail shots of Kassie’s ring, and Kassie is all about getting to have Lagrone be her name soon too 🙂 I really can’t say enough things about these two. I just feel really, really grateful that they’re in my EBP fam. How lucky am I to get to work with such kind, thoughtful, [gorgeous] people?! Kas and Stuart, CONGRATS on your engagement. You guys are the best and I can’t wait to see you both again soon!!

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