EST. 2017

Romantic Countryside Engagement Session

Audrey + Graham

Austin Wedding Photographer | Emily Boone Photography

This engagement session with Audrey and Graham expresses so perfectly to me why I love my job and why I will never get tired of photography. And whenever I do get tired, I just need to remember to look back at this session! First of all, these two are the best. Guys, can we please just be best friends? Like, I just really love them a lot. They are fun and care-free and kind and easy going and funny and I’ll stop because I could really keep gushing. But this day – goodness, it was just perfect. Photography can really be so much fun. It is truly such a gift. I feel so incredibly lucky that these two *BEAUTIFUL* people invited me out to their family farm (like, for generations family farm) to document their engagement session in a place that is so special to them. This. Was. SO. FUN. !!

I really don’t want to keep writing too much because the photos are so much better than any descriptor I could put here. But I’ll just close by saying that — if you can’t tell already, haha — this session with these two really filled my cup. It was windy and unplanned and beautiful. Audrey and Graham just really love each other and think the world of each other. Their connection is so pure and easy and they enjoy each other so much. PLUS I got to take photos of their animals on the farm and so you know that really made me happy. 

Okay I’ll stop now. But I just have to say this last thing: God is just good! And life is just beautiful. And it certainly isn’t always perfect and bad things will happen and they do…… but then the grass will grow back lush and soft and animals will jump on you and the wind will blow and hair will get messy and people will laugh and enjoy each other and run around in a field together and the sky will be the palest shade of blue and you’ll pause for half a second to breathe it all in because there’s just nothing else in the world greater than really truly feeling so grateful in one single moment and soaking every millisecond of that moment in to permeate your heart with the purest joy that is just being thankful to be alive!!! 

So without further ado: come meet Audrey and Graham and play with animals and run in fields and lay in grass and dance in the wind with us!


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