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Jessica + Sam

A Fall Engagement Session at McKinney Falls State Park | Austin Wedding Photographer

I feel like it’s only a few days a year I’m lucky enough to catch the light when it is simultaneously bright and soft enough to create a watercolor effect in each and every natural tone. For Jessica and Sam’s fall engagement session at McKinney Falls State Park, we were lucky enough to find it.

Jessica and Sam met through a mutual leadership role (Impact) at Texas A&M, where they both attended college. They both love the outdoors, and we were careful to pick the perfect location for their December engagement session. By December, things are beginning to look quite and restful outside, which has it’s own unique beauty. However, with some changing leaves still hanging on, we caught the tail end of fall color for their session, which I was so thrilled about. And we were able to fully explore all areas of McKinney Falls State Park where these colorful leaves resided, because the activity Jessica and Sam picked for their session (I always invite my couples to pick an activity do to during their session that really reflects who they are and what they love) was walking because they love to go on walks together. To this I fully relate, so I was excited to show them around the immaculate beauty of the park knowing they were down for some exploration.

I really can’t wait for Jessica and Sam’s wedding next July at The Springs Valley View Mansion. They love each other so kindly and I have every expectation that their wedding day will be just as dreamy as their engagement session. Congrats you two! Can’t wait!

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