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There is seemingly no end to the list of beautiful session locations in Austin, Texas. This area of the hill country is so unique and rich with truly stunning locations to shoot. Even if my couples don’t live in Austin, most of them always prefer to have their engagement sessions here because the backdrops are just so incredibly beautiful!

It would be so hard for me to narrow it down to all the locations I love to shoot at, but here’s a list of spots I frequent quite regularly!

1. Pedernales Falls State Park // Located outside Dripping Springs, this location is perfect for the couple who loves to be outdoors and doesn’t mind a bit of a walk. The river stays full all year round and the colors throughout the seasons are truly incredible. Reservations are required, so using this location will need planning in advance!

2. Commons Ford // Commons Ford is one of my favorite places in Austin, even when I’m not shooting. My husband and I will frequently pack up the dogs and go on a nice long walk here when the weather is nice. What I love about Commons is the range of backdrops. Fields, trees, paths, even access to Lake Austin. This is another location that will quite drastically change throughout the seasons, but in almost any month you can find such incredible beauty here. 

#3 Laguna Gloria // If you fancy yourself a trip to Europe without leaving Austin, Laguna Gloria the place for you. The grounds are absolutely stunning and the indoor tea room has become almost iconic. I could shoot here over and over and never grow weary of it. Reservations and a booking fee are required, so it’s best to plan ahead if you’d like to use this location.

#4 Barton Creek Green Belt // Depending on the time of year, the Barton Creek Green Belt can be a really fun, pretty place to shoot. If my couple wants a more outdoorsey backdrop for their session, I love to try and find a location that includes water, and if not water, then at least a creek bed. I love shooting on creek beds. The little white river rocks inspire me to no end (they’re quite a part of my personal life!) and they make for a pretty, organic backdrop. 

#5 Zilker Park // Zilker is a great option because it can offer both city scenes and outdoor scenes. There is a beautiful view of the Austin skyline, food trucks, Barton Springs, the hike and bike trail, Lady Bird Lake… so many great spots all so close to one another! This location is also nice because it can easily turn into a fun activity, like grabbing a sno cone or hopping in the Springs for a swim!

#6 Somewhere special to you! //  Whether it’s private property, a restaurant patio you love, or an outdoor location I’ve never heard of, picking a location that means something to you is a thing I highly recommend, and absolutely love for my couples. I’ve shot sessions in all kinds of places — private ranches, low water crossings, coffee shops, remote fields, even a football stadium. If it means something to you, that means a great deal to me, and we can turn almost any location into something truly beautiful.   


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