Simple Self Care Rituals at Home

This year I’ve found new ways to relish in self care that all center around being at home. I’ve always loved home dearly, and with all the extra time in the house this year that hasn’t changed, but it has forced me to be a little more creative with the ways I choose to “treat” […]

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December 4, 2020

Emily Boone

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This year I’ve found new ways to relish in self care that all center around being at home. I’ve always loved home dearly, and with all the extra time in the house this year that hasn’t changed, but it has forced me to be a little more creative with the ways I choose to “treat” myself. I’ve been practicing these simple self care rituals at home and they always serve to make me feel refreshed and taken care of! 

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1. Setting up a lovely make-up area. //When I have energy, putting on make up can be a really fun and creative process for me, even if I want to walk away with barely any on (which I will say recently has been the majority case). When we moved I never really found a nice place to do so though. The bathroom in our bedroom is small, and we share it, so that was not an ideal space. We have a guest bath, but that is across the house. One day my mom texted me to see if I’d like to “foster” one of her white desks (we do this with each other’s spare furniture pieces frequently) and it ended up creating the perfect dreamy little space to house my make up and other pretty things I like to look at and enjoy in our bedroom. 

2. Reading in my Eno outside. // If you have two trees and any kind of hammock, you can achieve this refreshing practice. I love being outside on nice days, and even on cool days I’ll bring a comforter (and my two doodles) to keep me warm while I read (currently enjoying Crazy Rich Asians). Sometimes I’ll even put the book down and just stare up at the trees, which is incredibly centering. 

3. Lemon Peppermint Infused Water // Nothing makes you feel fancy like naturally infused water. It feels incredibly indulgent, but is incredibly affordable, and in some cases, cost-less. We have mint growing in our backyard (it’s really run wild and I love it!) and I’ll grab a few leaves, throw them in with some lemons, and drink from the pitcher all day. It is nourishing as well as gratifying!

4. Applying make-up. // For some this may be rather a chore, but when I am feeling inspired and rested I love to take my time applying make up and getting creative. Especially since I’ve begun collecting clean products, it makes me feel lovely and also healthy since I know these are brands that aren’t harsh on my body. Below is a list of my favorite clean products (minus the lip gloss, I believe) that I use almost every day!

Tower 28 Highlighter — Safe for sensitive skin and nourishing. I like to put it on areas to highlight, but also on the creases by my eyes on dry days. This solves my teary eye problems on those days!

Milk Holographic stick — Completely frivolous and whimsical. I wear it almost daily under my eyes because I like to feel glittery and a smidge psychedelic. 

Bare Minerals Coral Blush — Corals compliment my skin tone well, and this Bare Minerals compact can be applied with your fingers or a brush, which is very fun. 

Too Faced Lip Gloss — A favorite in almost any shade. 

Milk Matte Bronzer — Comes in a roll on applicator and is an all time fave. I like to use it as blush on some days and others use to contour and add create little sun-kissed look. 

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti Pollution Sunshine Drops — A vacation in a bottle. I use it every day with my moisturizer and instantly feel shades lovelier (and tanner). 

5. Organizing my closet. // To some this feels like a chore, but for me (when I’m up for it) it can be a really fun way to care for myself. I open these closet doors every day, and when things are neat and orderly it makes me excited to get dressed and begin my day. When I organize I’ll put a favorite movie on my iPad and drink a glass of wine and it feels deliciously luxurious.

6. Taking a bath. // I do this basically daily, sometimes twice. I am usually cold, so baths are my favorite. But add the iPad or a book, lavender bubbles, and a glass of wine and it’s a favorite self care ritual. 

7. Sky watching. // “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.” Emerson is credited with this beautiful quote, which is one of my all time favorites. At the end of a busy day or week, I love to go outside and look at the sky while I throw the ball to the dogs, water plants, or sit on the porch and unwind. I also love to photograph the sky, which always feels like a heart release for me (and something I really love to do on wedding days)!


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  1. […] #10 — I discovered MILK make-up.  | At the beginning of the year I decide to go clean on make up, and after discovering MILK I’ll never go back. Not only is it clean, but so many of their products have become my absolute favorites, like the Holographic Stick, Matte Bronzer, and the Mascara — all of which I wear almost every day! (Also a big fan of the Drunk Elephant Sunshine Drops. You can read more about these products here.) […]

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