Megan + Dyllan | Hill Country Engagement Session | Austin Wedding Photographer

Oh, this perfect sunny day. These pretty gravel roads. Those soft hill country hills. These dreamy oak trees. That Texas creek bed. And of course, this precious couple. We just playyyyyed during this session. This was seriously the best day ever. These guys were down for anything. We ran, we danced, we did dips and spins and our faces hurt from smiling by the end of it. This is the kind of day that really just speaks to my heart. Perfect weather in a beautiful place with two really genuine people.

When I look at these images I smell fresh air. I see watercolor colors and leaves rustling in a soft autumn breeze. I feel a lot of peace. And what do I hear? Well, when I look at these images I hear Megan laughing. That makes me really happy. Megan laughed through this entire session. She is just JOYFUL. Her heart can’t help but exude joy and kindness, and it often escapes her tiny frame through the sweetest laughter you’ve ever heard. So many times I pointed my lens at her blonde hair and blue eyes and couldn’t help but scream a little at how absolutely beautiful she is. She’s stunning. And her beauty is the kind of beauty that shines from the inside out. Her heart is just so lovely and full of light that it can’t help but beam out of those pretty blue eyes. And it makes you feel so happy. Megan and Dyllan make you feel HAPPY! They are the most easy going, kind, happy people and you can’t help but feel lighter when you’re around them.

If this is how Megan and Dyllan make people feel when they’re engaged, I can’t imagine how amazing their MARRIAGE will make people feel! Seriously, I smiled all the way home. Actually… that’s true of every time I’ve spent time with these two. They just make you feel grateful. Which makes you smile. And I’m smiling now, because I’m just so thankful to know these two, and I’m so thankful for our day in the sunny hill country celebrating their soon-to-be-marriage. Megan and Dyllan, CONGRATS! Y’all are the BEST. And I’m so stinking pumped to know y’all and shoot your wedding in May!!!

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