Kathryn + Cameron | Perdenales Falls Engagement Session | Dripping Springs Wedding Photographer

I love Texas rivers and creeks. I always have. This hill country heart beats for the white limestone and aqua colored water and golden grasses… hmm Texas rivers and creeks. They’re so unique and beautiful and they just fill my soul in a way no other natural scene does. And I know Kathryn and Cameron do, too. When Kathryn and I were emailing about where they wanted to do their engagement session she basically set me loose to pick the location I thought would be best with one qualification: it had to have water. Girl, say no more!

Moving to Dripping Springs has been such a fun gift to me! I feel so much more myself in my hometown area and getting to bring my work here is just all kinds of happy. And to make it even more special, Kathryn is a friend from high school! So she really knows me. I mean, we’ve made Hilary Duff music videos together (LOL), we’ve been to Europe together (was that real?), we’ve fought for sanity in stupid math classes together (could have done without this one), we’ve been lake rats together (let’s go again) and we’ve laughed our way through a lot of life changes together. High school really puts you through it, doesn’t it? I’ve always loved Kathryn. She has this present sweetness about her that just makes you want to spend all day with her. You’ll get that when you see her smile in a minute. I remember when I was a senior in high school and I had a bunco birthday party (which is basically an old lady dice game – haha) she was so on board to play it just made me so happy. I guess we’ve always been kindred old souls? She’s just a kind heart and her laugh is my favorite – and you get to hear it often.

So, as you can imagine, when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was beyond excited because nothing could give me greater joy than getting to shoot a friend’s wedding!! But I hadn’t met Cameron yet and I was dying to meet the guy who won over this winner’s heart. Basically the moment Cameron got out of the car at Perdenales State Park I understood just how he did it. He takes care of her. He’s understanding of her. From holding her hand as she crosses the river’s landscape to smiling knowingly while she tells stories of accidental clumsiness to being so down for anything Kathryn wanted for their session, he wants to care for her. And, well, he’s just awesome. He’s incredibly kind, fun, and present, which is a quality that is increasingly hard to find these days. Watching them together made me so, so happy. They are truly the best match for each other (inside and out – as you’ll see when you keep scrolling.. helloooo they’re gorgeous). 

So really, this was a dream session for me! Getting to photograph sweet people on a river in Texas is my ultimate scenario. And girlllll that white dress. MMMM. It was actually the perfect dress for this shoot. Kat and Cam – y’all are seriously the best and I cannnnoooottt wait for May!! Congrats, y’all!

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