Claire | Aggie Senior

The magic began to unfold when Claire emailed and asked if she could bring her GOLDEN DOODLE PUPPY to her senior session and I thought, “WOW IF SHE DOESN’T I WILL NOT BE OKAY.” (And yes it all happened with all caps just like that. My mind can be a very dramatic place.) The magic further unraveled when she arrived with the most beautiful princess dresses I’ve ever seen, not to mention she was donning perfectly coiled curls that spilled into her lovely face with blue-green eyes as deep as my excitement for this session!!! At that point she pulled Maggie out of the car and I fainted or screeched or did some other non-sensical thing to express my joy. But then we got down to business because I couldn’t WAIT to photograph this precious senior and her baby pup!

Claire is on her way to becoming a vet, and when I asked her why she wanted to pursue a career that necessitates such a rigorous education, her answer isn’t what struck me the most (though it was a wonderful answer). What impressed me most is how grounded Claire is. She thoughtfully explained her journey through high school and college and how trials and errors led her to know this is the path for her. The hard things about this path didn’t dissuade her from chasing it. If anything, I think the challenges may have made it mean more to her, which is why I became overcome with gratitude that I get to help her mark this huge victory in her life through a celebratory, joyful, puppy-filled senior portrait session! And it was very fitting to finish her session at the vet school, where a whole new journey for Claire is about to begin.

Claire, you are seriously beautiful from the inside out. And I’m SO lucky that I’m related to you! Who knew that when I married Kenton I’d get such a cool cousin, too? Bowie is really excited to meet his puppy cousin soon, too, so we definitely need to let them play before we move to Dripping Springs! Congrats girl!!

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