Our Mid-Day Fro-Yo Date !

The other day I heard the doorbell ring. It was about 2 pm and I wasn’t expecting anyone, so as always, I proceeded with caution. Aside – why does the doorbell always freak me out?! I think it’s just never expected so I’m always on high alert when I hear it. Okay anyway, aside over. SO, I walk to the door, open it up, and who is there but my precious husband who whisks me away on an impromptu afternoon fro-yo date!

What’s cool is that this little adventure is just the result of a lot of hard work on our marriage. We have labored a lot the past couple years, learning how to communicate with each other well and understand each others love languages. K has learned that pretty much anything with ice-cream is mine, haha. And I have learned that words are super important for him.

So, in addition to wanting to share this because it’s fun for me to look back at my blog as a digital scrap book of fun memories, I also want to share that intentional work on our marriage has been the best thing we’ve done for ourselves, and sometimes that results in spontaneous mid day fro-yo dates with a Doodle in tow who will beg for a taste of ice-cream the whole time. 🙂

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