Cheyenne + Lucas | Lake Bryan Engagement Session

You know those couples you just instantly feel comfortable around? Like you’ve been friends for a while and all is always good? Yeah, Cheyenne and Lucas are those people. They’re the kind of people I’d like to float down a river with. And I mean, I guess their engagement session came pretty close to that because walking around Lake Bryan is pretty close to that experience!

Cheyenne and Lucas’ engagement was decorated with authenticity and simplicity – an evening with just the two of them, sharing a really nice home made meal (props to Lucas for that one) and just enjoying one another. This feeling carried us all the way through their engagement session and will definitely be at the wedding (which I’m puuuumped for!). I just gotta give these two props. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you think it will, but I can tell that this couple just rolls with it. Which, from what I’ve learned from marriage so far, is the best attitude to have and ends up being a huge gift to your spouse.

Cheyenne and Lucas – you guys are just cool. I love how much you love Kannon and the care you take in raising him to be a good man. Also, he’s just VERY cute. Like, the sweetest. Y’all make people feel welcomed and comforted in your presence and that is a huge gift of hospitality that I really admire. I can only imagine how your marriage will bless people in the future, and I’m so excited and honored that I get to be part of it! Not to mention, Cheyenne, I’m pretty much dyinggg with giddiness to get to take photos of you in your wedding dress. Like, wowowoowowow can’t wait. February can’t get here soon enough!

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