Lora | A Romantic Bridal Session at Mattie’s at Historic Green Pastures in Austin

This entire bridal session with Lora still gives me goosebumps from head to foot!!!! And not just because it was 39 degrees outside when we shot these!! First, Lora is the most delightful human being on the planet. I mean, she’s lovely. Second, she picked the dreamiest location for her session!!!!!!!! I mean white porch, ancient oaks, pink patio chairs, are you kidding me? Location plays such a huge role in your photos and Lora made an awesome choice. Third, we had a freaking BLAST! I mean I feel so grateful when I just get to get lost in the joy of creating because my subject is equally lost in joy and excitement!!! That is seriously what this is all about! Celebrating this very moment in time! In some of these photos I feel like we are on the set of Little Women or something, while in others I feel like Lora is a Disney princess she’s just twirling in her dress because she can and she’s happy! Ugh my heart is still full from this freezing, fun, southern fantasy bridal session at Mattie’s in Austin.

What’s really cool is that the last time I spent time at Mattie’s, back when it was still Green Pastures, we were there for my cousin Megan’s bridal shower lunch. I remember taking photos of me and my cousin and other family members (including my Mimi!) on this perfect white porch, too! Also I just have to say a big thanks to Mattie’s because they were so lovely about hosting Lora for her bridal session. They made it easy and stress-free, which was so huge because we were navigating very cold temps that day! Which, I have to say, Lora handled like a CHAMP because can you even tell that it was a few degrees shy of freezing? No not at all. Lora’s authentic joy at getting to be a  b r i d e  and be celebrated big time during this session was just bursting through, cold or not! This girl is magic, and I hope you enjoy these gorgeous photos of her because I’m in love with all of them!!

PS – You’ll be able to spy a few “God winks” in these photos. Green Pastures has had wild peacocks roaming their property since the original family lived there many, many years ago. Seriously, they just stick around and call the place home! Lora had hoped it would work out to have the peacocks organically meander through a photo of hers, and sure enough, they did!! After the session Lora, her mom, and I just gushed about how special the entire session felt, and her mom said that the peacocks showing up was a “God wink,” which I just love so much. Don’t you love when God winks at you? I think the peacocks were just a special wink from God to Lora, during her bridal session, telling her that she looks beautiful in her wedding dress and that He loves her. 🙂

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