Katie + Andrew | Lake Bryan Engagement Session

This is how it started:

I pulled up to the gate of Lake Bryan and was filling out a parking permit when I noticed a car doing a u-turn around the entrance kiosk and finally pulling up next to mine. I saw two big smiles inside and realized it was Andrew and Katie, so I rolled down my window to say hi. As Andrew yells, “We wanted to beat you to it!” a ball of cash appears out of no where and flies into my car to cover my parking fee. At this point I’m dying laughing and hear, “Gah no chill Andrew!” as their car peels off to prevent any attempts at cash return.

This is how it went:

It was 40 degrees outside but somehow also really humid? Plus thick fog. So to say it was chilly was a massive understatement. I mean this was the coldest I’ve ever been at a session. This 40 degree day was mean. It was out for frostbite. However, the rude weather had absolutely no impact on Katie and Andrew’s no chill, insanely contagious, raucous, playful JOY. I mean these two are like happy bombs. They’re the kind of couple I’d want to race go-karts with. I have no idea why that specific activity comes to my mind, but I just know they’d be hilarious. But they’re also incredibly kind and genuine and super smart (Andrew is going to be an ER doctor!). We romped around Lake Bryan’s shore, danced on the dock, and froze our little booties off in the process. But cold fingers never felt like such an awesome achievement.

This is how it ended:

We were cold (have I mentioned it was cold yet?), so we were doing lots of moving. I suggested maybe Andrew could pick up Katie in any way he wanted, and he did the funniest thing anyone’s ever done in an engagement session before. (Scroll to the bottom to see!) It left me with no chill. That’s pretty much how you feel when you hang around with these two for long enough. Every moment is a party, every breath is a gift. This was the best no chill (yet so freaking chill – my fingers are still defrosting) engagement session ever!



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