Picking The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Shoes . Shoes . Shoes . I could have 100 pairs and still want more. I’m kinda embarrassed about that.. working on my shoe hoarding! But because I love shoes so much, picking the shoes I would wear in my wedding was something I was so excited about when I was engaged. I’m not even sure why, but selecting the shoes to go with my wedding dress was just a big decision for me that kind of set the tone for my wedding day, and I think this is true for so many other brides, too!

Your shoes will affect A LOT on your wedding day from look to comfort. Additionally, your shoes are in all of the photos from details to dance floor, so they’re a big deal!

For me, it was all about comfort. I’ll confess why… I have bunions. Yes, bunions.. the thing you hear about women getting when they’re like, grandmothers. Well, I’m far from my grandmother years and I’ve been rocking bunions for a long time now. Because of this, shoes have always been a challenge for me and I wanted to be super comfortable on my wedding day. This meant flats. During my ceremony, I actually went barefoot (which was awesome), so that meant the reception vibes were a little more casual as well. So for me, the choice was Tom’s! I got a cute pare of ivory Tom’s and they were the perfect choice. That said though, had I had no bunions, I would have loved to rock some heels. When brides have pretty heels I get to shoot on wedding days, I’m equally excited as when they pick something a little more casual and funky like Toms. But, flats doesn’t have to mean casual, because there are some really pretty bridal flats out there!

Whatever you’re looking for, hopefully this post will inspire you to get creative, colorful, and comfortable (!) with your bridal shoes!


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