Arianna | Downtown Navasota Bridal Session

We were standing on the church steps looking longingly over at the precious victorian home and the perfect covered porch across the street. Arianna’s mom said, “Well, you have not because you ask not.” After a brief, warm conversation with the perfect porch’s kind owner, we were laughing under the perfect porch’s sky blue beadboard ceiling and doing all the praise hands. Life is too short not to ask the nice neighbor across the street if you can use their old, perfect porch for a photoshoot, right? Not only did we get the look of the historic 1800’s era church Arianna loved, but we also got the have-because-we-asked bonus photos on the perfect southern porch, too. This was truly a dream day for Arianna’s bridal session. And speaking of this precious EBoone Bride, Arianna, can I just say how delightful she is? When her cute tiny self hopped out of their family’s big huge truck at the church, I just giddily smiled to myself at how completely perfect her wedding dress was for her. It was whimsical and airy and and delicate and lovely, just like her. It was the perfect fit for such a beautiful person and this precious Downtown, more-than-we-could-have-asked-for, Navasota bridal session!

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