Last Dances

Planning a wedding can be so all encompassing that it’s actually easy to forget about what the day is for, which is to walk away MARRIED. I’ve talked to so many brides who are just worn out by the whole process of juggling differing expectations, budget, big decisions, and everything in between, and not only that, but I remember how overwhelmed I was during my engagement, too! Well, I want to give something to you to help that! And that is a FINAL DANCE with just you and your groom in your reception hall just before the exit! 

Think about it – the wedding day is seriously going to fly by. One minute your getting your hair and make up done the next you’re walking up the aisle as husband and wife and the next you’re in the getaway car driving away from your reception looking at each other like, “what just happened!?” 12 hours goes by in a blink on your wedding day. Choosing to do a private final dance at the very end of your reception as guests line up for your exit outside is a gift you can give yourself on the biggest day of your life. Your final dance will be the cherry on top of your wedding day that will bring the whole whirlwind of the day back to what really matters: you and your spouse being married. It gives you a minute to collect yourself before your exit, it gives you one more intimate moment with your groom on your wedding day, and it will make your wedding day even more special. And to top it all off, it’s completely FREE! Simply add 3 minutes to the very end of your reception timeline and, boom, you just added that much more value to your wedding day experience, and all for the low low cost of 180 seconds and the special song of your choice.

And not to mention, you’ll also get precious photos of you and your boo in an empty reception hall with confetti on the floor that you’ll get to keep forever to remember that last special moment of your wedding day. 

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