Kailin | Small Town Texas Bridal Session

Tromping through tall grass and dancing under shady oaks were some happy highlights of this glowy bridal session in Whitehall, Texas! Kailin was such a trooper during this bridal session. She’s not a fan of being in the spotlight, but you would never know, would you? She’s totally glowing in all of these photos! I reaaaally LOOOOVE when my brides opt for a bridal session because not only do we get to know each other even better (WHICH IS MY FAAAVORITE THING), but I just love getting to witness my brides feeling pretty and celebrated. You know how you can just tell that sometimes? When someone is feeling pretty in their skin? Not in a prideful or gaudy or hey look at me way or anything like that.. But in a heart pumping cheeks hurt from smiling eyes dancing head spinning joy overflowing kind of way. That is my favorite. And I love creating an environment for my brides to experience that. Bridal sessions are just an irreplaceably special experience that you only get a chance to do once in your life! So I was so pumped when Kailin asked me if I 1) had time and 2) if she could add a bridal session to her wedding collection.. UH, YES GIRL! Of course I have time for you and I’d love nothing more than to add on a bridal session to dance around with you during sunset! Now she’ll have these gorgeous photos to remind her of one of the happiest seasons of her life and that just makes my heart really fluttery and warm and yay.

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