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A step by step guide to plan the perfect Austin Engagement Session. Location, outfits, hair and make up – learn about it all!

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July 19, 2023

Emily Boone

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Plan the Perfect Austin Engagement Session

Austin Wedding Photographer

So, you you’re engaged! You’re thrilled. Delighted. So excited. And you are so excited to plan the perfect Austin engagement session. But then…. all the questions:

“Where should we shoot?”

“What should I wear?”

“How will we pose?”

“What will the weather be like?”

“What colors look good on camera?”

And you start to panic a little bit.

Plan the Perfect Austin Engagement Session

You had no idea that to plan your engagement session, you’d also have to wear like a million other hats, one of which includes being the planner, stylist, even the meteorologist constantly watching the weather to make sure you don’t get rained out.

Here’s the deal. Someone has to wear all those hats.  But you, the bride, shouldn’t be the one to do so! This is why – for my EBP couples – I have resources upon resources to help walk my clients through planning their perfect engagement session from outfits to locations to weather. Once they book with me, I want all questions to cease and for things to flow really easy so that my couples can actually enjoy their wedding photography experience, which is why I guide them through every step in the process!

So here’s my best tips to help your plan the engagement session you’ve always dreamt of!

Engagement Session Locations

To pick the right location for your engagement session, think about what look you want. Do you want outdoors and organic? European and architecture? Modern and fun? Once you narrow down the type of look you want, then you can begin to think of/search out locations to match that look. Your photographer should be able to help you with this! I have a huge list of location suggestions I send to my clients to just give them options. And of course if this sparks an idea not on that list – I am always all for it.

Engagement Session Outfits

My best advice when planning outfits is to pick pieces that will be flattering, timeless, and photograph well. This usually means that crazy trends are out. Hate to say it, but mass trends like the geometric Kendra Scott earrings will look outdated soon. So avoid large trends. What looks good on camera is normally solid colors and if there are designs or stripes, larger is better than really tiny patterns. Also here’s a secret of the trade: white is very good at hiding sweat and it is always timeless. So if you want a good safe bet, pick something white or off white/cream. (If picking the right outfits is stressful to you, working with a stylist like Caleigh of Chillann Styling will be really helpful!)

Engagement Session Make Up

I’m not sure where this myth came from, but more make up for photos sessions does not mean you will look better. Heavy make up will still photograph heavy. My advice for make up is to feel pretty and feel like yourself. If you don’t normally wear a ton of make up – don’t wear a ton of make up. And in terms of make up that looks good on camera – you don’t need a heavy hand. Just take a little more care than normal to apply your make up well and nicely. Or even better, get a make up trial with your team (I’ll link my favorite here) so you really feel amazing.

Time to Shoot!

Once you’ve planned for location, outfits and make up, you’re ready to shoot! My best advice for your engagement session is to have fun. Try to be as in the moment as you can and trust your photographer to do the rest and make the magic happen. Planning an amazing activity to do during your session is a great idea to add a unique element to your session and also make sure you have fun doing so!

I hope this post was helpful to you as you plan your session! Feel free to click through my engagement sessions to get more inspo!


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