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2019 was a big year for me! Yes I’m aware that we’re well into 2020. But this year started with such a bang that I’m just now getting to write a wrap post for 2019, which is a year I seriously want to take the time to appreciate!

Last year I moved my business to Austin (I am officially an Austin area Wedding Photographer!), I got to celebrate with 18 AMAZING couples, and enjoyed countless senior portrait and engagement sessions! It was the busiest year for me as a business owner, so much so that I now have really great boundaries in place to help me continue to do this long term! I feel nothing but gratitude for the people I got to work with and the images I got to capture. I’ve grown so much as an entrepreneur, photographer, and human in general due to EBP and the family that surrounds it, so this post of wedding highlights goes out to each of you amazing people who I care for so deeply! Cheers to 2019!

Classic wedding dress and wedding invitations styled in a boutique hotel. Bride and groom sharing embrace with a pretty white backdrop.Groomsmen having a great time at a wedding.Smiling bride and groom hugging in front of their wedding airstream.A mother and father wipe a tear from a brides eye on her wedding day.A groom pulls his new bride onto an empty dance floor at their twinkle light lit barn reception.Bridesmaids wearing grey dresses hold yellow and green floral bouquets. A bride and groom share a romantic kiss under the veil on their wedding day.

A bride poses dramatically in front of a stain glass catholic church. A wedding dress delicately hangs next to a chesnut wardrobe in a 1900s small town Texas house. A groom poses confidently on a church step on his wedding day.A bride and groom share a moment in their wedding chapel alone after the ceremony. A bride makes her way down a winding staircase to meet her groom outside.

A bride, wearing her wedding dress, throws her flower girl into the air joyfully. The flower girl wears a white dress and pink keds. A bride and groom stand alone in an open field in Spring in the Texas hillcountry. A unique bridal bouquet replete with succulents, feathers, and bright spring florals. A bride laughs in front of an old red train car.A groom adjusts his white tie while wearing a white cowboy hat and a succulent boutonniere. A bride and groom cross a busy street downtown. A bride and groom pose on a white marble stair case.A bride wearing shiny dangling earrings laughs as she gets dressed for her wedding. A bride and groom share a secluded moment at a chic hotel Alessandra in downtown Houston Texas. Three platinum wedding rings styled on a blush wedding dress.A stunning bride and groom pose on chic rooftop hotel in the city.A bride and groom share an emotional first look under big Texas oak trees in the hill country. Three rose gold wedding rings are styled on a light blue dish over a blush and blue colored wedding invitation.A mother cries as she sees her daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.A farmhouse style Texas wedding venue at golden hour. A bride and groom share a close moment huddled behind a winter red and green floral bouquet. A mother and daughter admire the daughters wedding dress hung on a white door on the daughter's wedding day. A mint green ring box poises platinum wedding rings and emerald green diamond earrings against a blush pink background. Big sister watches little sister get dressed on her wedding day. Bride and bridesmaids laugh on a red brick farmhouse porch. A groom smiles joyfully as he sees his bride for the first time. A mom and dad watch their daughter come down the stairs wearing her wedding dress. A bride hugs her mother and cries on her wedding day. A bride gazes down on her white bouquet while the sun glows on her hair. A flower girl twirls in her dress. A bride and groom walk into the sunset. A bride and groom share an intimate moment in front of a white wedding chapel under Texas oak trees. A vintage blue ring styled on blush roses.A bride and groom share a moment in a vineyard alone. A groom smiles down on his bride. A bride and groom share a magical kiss under a warm sunset. A groom smiles at his bride during their wedding ceremony. A groom's father gives the groom a kiss on the cheek on his wedding day.A bride and groom stand in a wide open field in front of rolling hills. Classy bride and groom black and white image. A flower girl twirls in her dress. Three rings on a wedding invitation. A mother puts the veil on her daughter. Classy shoes and wedding invitations. A bride dances with her flower girls.Classy wedding invitations styled with roses on a wedding gown. A bride and groom laugh as they cut their wedding cake. A bride hugs her bridesmaids on her wedding day. A bride puts on her shoes on her wedding day while wearing her wedding dress. Guests throw wedding petals on the bride and groom as they exit their wedding ceremony. A bride hugs her dad on her wedding day as her dad cries. A bride and groom hug under cypress trees in the summer.

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