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I'm an Austin, Texas Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer! I hope you grab a glass of something yummy, settle in and stay awhile! Here you'll find inspiration for stunning Weddings and gorgeous Senior Portrait Sessions, but also touches of me and my life as a wife, photographer, Doodle owner, and believer! 

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Katie + John Austin | An Outdoor Hill Country Wedding | Austin Wedding Photographer

This wedding had all the rustic, hill country Texas vibes. Katie and John Austin met rock climbing, so incorporating the outdoors was important for them on their wedding day. And what an incredibly perfect fall wedding day they had! The weather literally could not have been more lovely, and the changing leaves gave the day such soft, beautiful color you just can’t get any other time of year. 

There are a few things about this wedding day that really stuck out to me. One, how much these families love each other and, two, how much Katie and John Austin love each other. Those may seem like really obvious things to point out on a wedding day, but this day really had a little extra dose of love. The way Katie and John Austin’s family members loved on each other all day was so, so sweet. I may never recover from John Austin giving his grandmother a kiss on her forehead during family portraits. The hugs and kisses like that, the sweet in the moment interactions – those are what make wedding days such an honor to document. And this wedding day had a lot. I choked up more than I ever have during the ceremony. John Austin waiting for Katie at the altar was one of the sweetest things I’ve gotten witness in 2019. The pictures still get me! Another thing that makes this day stand out is how much Katie and John Austin wanted to honor every single guest at their wedding. During their reception, they took the time to get a group photo with each table of guests. Isn’t that amazing? I love when I see my couples honor others on their wedding days. It always blows me away how generous and others-centered my couples are, and Katie and John Austin taking the time to snap a photo with every single guest was really, really cool. It was a very important thing for them, and I think that speaks volumes about the kind of couple they’ll be moving forward into marriage! Also I just have to throw in how much I loooove that they prioritized incorporating their dogs, Maggie and Cotton, in the festivities (but honestly who is surprised that I loved that!).

Katie and John Austin, you are just two really dear, authentic, down to earth souls. I couldn’t be more grateful to know you, and I’m so honored I got to be your wedding photographer. This rustic day (and these fall portraits!) is a new favorite and I’m excited to share it today! Congrats to you, Katie and John Austin! Y’all make marriage look really, really good!

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