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Transition usually involves upheaval. Things get messy. Closets are in disarray. Bedrooms are undone. Calendars are packed and sometimes so are bags. Often times, the chaos of your personal change has become so all encompassing that it’s busted the seems and left your personal space in shambles. This is one of my least favorite parts […]

Tips for Transition: Creating Happy Corners

Tips for Transition: Creating Happy Corners

July 9, 2019

Making big decisions is really difficult. Often I find myself paralyzed in the face of major life choices. Or sometimes even little life choices, like chocolate or vanilla, haha. Though I will say, if it’s ice-cream, 90% of the time it’ll be vanilla with cookie-dough and caramel on top. Making big decisions, especially in the […]

Tips for Transition: How To Make Big Decisions

March 8, 2019