Kate | Anderson Senior | Westwood Country Club Senior Session | Austin Senior Photographer

Sweet Kate !!!!! I can hardly believe I’m even writing this blog post. I have known Kate since she was in 6th grade, and to see her as a senior now is really just so wild. And to get to take her senior portraits was even more special!!!!

Kate is the coolest. She can hang with anyone. She’s 100% herself all the time (which for an 18 year old is so rare). She’s mature and thoughtful and beautifulllll!! So beautiful. One of my favorite memories of Kate features her running around (as a 6th grader) in a gorilla suit made for an adult. It was massive, and she was just a tiny nugget at the time. I’m sitting here laughing thinking about. She is so down for anything. I love that about her. But she’s also not going to waste her time with stuff that really doesn’t matter either, which I really admire. Kate feels like a sister to me. Her family has been instrumental in my and Kenton’s life for a long time. I really couldn’t be more grateful for them and their presence in so many meaningful memories and seasons of life. They’re actually like that for so many people I know. They just wrap around people like a warm hug and support them really, really well.

Ah! I just love this girl so much and I’m so grateful for her. Kate, you’re going to make waves wherever you go. You always have and you always will. Your presence in a room brings so much brightness and joy, and no matter where you end up you’re going to shine, sister. Love you so and CONGRATS! You’ve made it!!

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