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How We Care for Bowie’s Hair

This post comes in the wake of so many people asking me how we care for Bowie’s hair – so I did an Insta story explaining my methods and favorite products and I’m listing them for you here! If you missed the stories no worries – just look on my Bowie highlight for the explanations.

Hair is a big thing for Doodles. When people say hi to Boo it’s usually the first thing they notice (well, that and his crazy long eyelashes). His hair is one of our favorite things about him and, if you’re a Doodle owner, you know it takes maintenance because they don’t shed. We decided to go the scissor cut route. Insert *omg* face here. Yes, that’s correct, we scissor cut his whole body. He’s only been clipped once when he was a puppy and even then it was just his belly. Here’s our reasoning for the insane idea of scissor cutting his whole body:

  1. To save money. When he was just a pup we really didn’t want to spend the $100+ to get him clipped every 6-8 weeks. Choosing to cut his hair ourselves has saved us thousands of dollars, which obviously we love. But at the same time – I like caring for B by cutting his hair. For some people the trouble of doing it themselves isn’t worth the money they save. Some people just don’t have the time, which I also get. It takes a few dedicated hours every time we do it , and some families just can’t swing that. So really it just comes down to what’s more important to you. For me, I like to make the time (I actually really enjoy caring for him this way) and we like to save that cash to use for something else.
  2. We didn’t like the results of clipping. To be totally fair, we only tried it once when he was a puppy, but when you see the very last picture below you’ll understand why we chose to go another direction, haha. It’s the ugliest photo of Bowie there is. But also, when we picked Boo up from the breeder they told us that sometimes clippers change the texture of their hair, which startled me because we wanted it to stay soft and curly! Apparently some Doodle’s hair gets courser and less curly after clipping. But simultaneously I know a lot of people who use clippers and love the results, so again, I suppose it comes down to personal preference. But I will say, I think scissor cutting his hair has really helped to keep him looking so “cartoony.” Some people even say he still looks like a puppy. So much of his personality is wrapped up in that luscious, goofy, doodle-y mane of his, and we like to keep it that way.
  3. Like I said before – I really enjoy caring for B this way. Keeping and maintaining animals brings me a lot of joy and purpose, and I really love that there’s not much I can’t take care of for Boo (minus the occasional vet visit). I really have no desire to delegate my animal care – that’s something I value and enjoy doing, so when it came time to figure out B’s hair, I knew I wanted to be the one to do it. Kenton and I actually take turns on his hair cuts, and I think K does a better job than I do. He’s much more detail oriented and methodical, so the results look a lot more professional and neat than mine do. 🙂

So if any of that resonates with you here are the products we use and love plus a few pics below of B’s luscious locks to give you some DIY scissor cut inspo!

Cowboy Magic 16 oz (also available in 4 oz)

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo


Scaredy Cuts Scissors Set

Scaredy Cuts Face Scissors

To all who made it to the end of these pics, you’re welcome hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahah


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