Bianca | Martha’s Bloomer’s Portrait Session

Precious Bianca!!! This cute new Aggie makes me smile. She needed a last minute portrait session to get some headshots for rush and I’m so glad we got connected! Not only is she stunning on the outside, but her precious heart is just so dear. Walking around Martha’s Bloomer’s in Navasota was the perfect outing for us. (I could seriously buy plants every day. I. Love. Gardening.) When I want a treat for myself, finding a happy plant at Lowe’s or a nursery makes me so happy. I really love spending hot afternoons on my back patio potting and repotting plants, and then re-organizing my patio furniture. That’s a really life giving activity for me. Plus, having Bowie and Howie outside with me makes it even happier.

So, naturally, when Bianca loved my idea to do her session at Martha’s Bloomers, I was pumped! Her photos turned out so dreamy and unique, especially the shots in the greenhouse they have out there – so cool! I really could have stayed with Bianca all day and talked with her all about rush, freshman year at A&M, and all her really big dreams to do something amazing with her life. I was so inspired hearing about her big huge career goals and how she wants to spend her life helping other people. Bianca, you’re a ray of light!

Congrats to this cute new Aggie and best of luck with rush! Though I know that any club would be so blessed to have pretty smile and precious heart!!

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