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11/10 excited to share Jordon & Marshall & their McKinney Falls engagement session! Get ready for fall colors and a pup who steals the show.

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February 1, 2024

Emily Boone

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McKinney Falls Engagement Session

Austin Wedding Photographer

Jordon and Marshall

I am 11/10 excited to share Jordon and Marshall and their McKinney Falls engagement session with you today! This April, they will embark on their journey as a married couple at the fun, hill country beauty of Contigo Ranch, with the lovely team at Taylor Bible Weddings bringing their wedding to life. But before they say get down on the dance floor after the “I do’s,” let’s dive into their engagement session at McKinney Falls State Park.

Jordon and Marshall’s love story is one that radiates warmth and joy. These two fun-loving individuals share a strong bond built on laughter and going with the flow. Their effortless chemistry and infectious smiles make it clear that they were meant for each other. I mean, are you guys never not fun?

There are a few things that make this session stand out to me. For one, the setting couldn’t have been more idyllic – McKinney Falls State Park in Austin. With the backdrop of vibrant fall colors, every photo just glistens. Our fall window is pretty short in Austin, and I got really lucky this year to get to schedule so many sessions with vibrant red and yellow backdrops.

McKinney Falls Engagement Session

The other thing that stands out is how Jordon and Marshall handled their session. They approached the shoot with a carefree spirit, ready to have a great time. The results are self explanatory! Their images are so true to their relationship, so true to them. They are fun and sweet and soft but also silly, which is totally Jordon and Marshall. The absolute BEST thing you can do when approaching your engagement session is to come with the goal to just enjoy one another and give yourself over to the process as much as possible. Do that, and your photos will be authentic, fun, and beautiful.

But we haven’t even gotten to the stealer of the show yet! Nala. Nala’s presence added an extra layer of charm and laughter to the already magical session. There are so many photos of her with them that — as a dog mom myself — truly melt my heart. She was the goodest girl and is clearly super beloved by her parents.

Jordon and Marshall, I can’t wait to celebrate you guys in just a few short months! Congrats to you!!

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