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Best of 2020 Weddings

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With the rain steadily falling on our tin roof and a Bella’s candle burning (one of my favorite small business discoveries of this year) on my desk, I feel so grateful to even be able to write up this blog post! At this point it is redundant to say that 2020 has been challenging, so I’ll just go straight to how thankful I am for all good it has brought me!

Even with all of the postponements and changes for my sweet couples, I had so many really incredible weddings this year. Not to mention some wildly enjoyable and adventurous engagement sessions and proposals as well! 2020 was the first year of full time shooting in Austin after we moved back here in 2019, and looking in retrospect at all of these shoots I’m realizing how completely amazing a year it was. Every single couple I worked with this year made the absolute best of their circumstances – to the point that I think for many of them their day ended up becoming even more intentional and unique. From full length wedding days to elopements, engagements, and intimate ceremonies, this year was of blessing, even in a desert. I look through these images and see so. much. abundance.

Thank you to my wonderful clients: walking with you through 2020 was so important for me. It was a gift to have you by my side — something I’ll truly cherish forever. And it was an honor to stick by yours. I think God chose this year for us to be on each other’s team. Serving you in this season was one of my favorite things about my career as a wedding photographer so far. We really looked out for each other this year, and, sweet EBP Family, I can’t love you enough for it. 

Thank you to God: for what looked like would be a year lacking, there was so. much. gain. Perspective, gratitude, pace, thoughtfulness, intention, hope. I would not trade what You gave me in 2020. I know I’ll need it to live the rest of my life seeking all things lovely. You don’t waste anything. 

So friends, please enjoy this look back at the Best of 2020 Weddings! These were some of the best times of my life, and because of them I look forward to so much beauty in 2021! 


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