EST. 2017

Engagements on the River | McKinney Falls State Park Engagement Session

When Lesley and told me that she and Jerome had hopes that their engagement session could be on the water, I knew just where to take them. Combine McKinney Falls State Park with a pair of dainty cowgirl boots, a white dress, and a man you are going to spend the rest of your life loving, and things are looking lovely.

With a light jean jacket and happy hearts in tow, we set about exploring the rhythms of Onion Creek in the fall. It’s always good to walk into outdoor sessions open handed, because you never do know when the weather will decide to give you a new opportunity to think creatively and adapt to changing conditions. Such was the case with this session, which started at about 80 degrees and ended at about 50 degrees, over the course of just an hour and a half. The change didn’t bother any of us, but rather made the session all the more of an adventure, which Lesley and Jerome took quite in stride!

After such a joyful day with these two and a bridal session forthcoming, I truly cannot wait for their summer wedding at The IcePlant Building in La Grange, which with its cream colors and beautiful blank slate walls will no doubt become a new favorite venue of mine! Congrats Lesley and Jerome – you two are truly delights!

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