EST. 2017

Summer Vibes Commons Ford Senior Session | Austin Senior Portrait Photographer

Maggie is like summer. Warm, fun, unhindered. She’s a happy heart. Walking through the woods at Commons Ford in Austin, Texas, with summer sun shining on tan skin, I got to know this high school senior with the greatest attitude, the least interest in Tik Tok, and a sense of humor to boot. How is it possible to be so self assured, and yet also humble, at such a young age?

Maggie feels instantly like a best friend. She is quite okay in her skin, and possesses a confidence that generously also jumps onto those nearby. This seems like a family trait! Maggie is the third sibling from her family that I have gotten to photograph in celebration of Senior Year, and after each session I have walked away feeling refreshed and encouraged, simply by the time spent talking about life and learning about their plans for the future.

As as for the future, I know that Maggie has a bright one! As bright as the summer day we walked through Commons Ford for her senior portrait session. Congrats, Maggie! You’re a joy to those around you and whichever school is lucky enough to have you in attendance next year will surely never be the same! How completely lucky and I to be your senior portrait photographer!

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