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Equestrian Engagement Session Part 1

– Austin Wedding Photographer –

This elegant equestrian engagement session encompasses the two things I love most: horses and home. When planning for this session, Madison and I were navigating our mutual desire to play Texas heat in it’s intense summer game. As an Austin wedding photographer, I am constantly dancing around Texas and her unpredictable, often hostile weather. The solution for this session brought even more inspiration: let’s start at home with a glass of wine (can we do this for every session here on out please?), then trot over to the barn to include Andele, Madison’s big bay beauty.

The plan was perfect. Madison and Joe were able to dance in the kitchen in their beautiful (self-designed!) home and then cap off the evening rollicking in summer fields with Andele. Walking into Madison and Joe’s home is like walking into a magazine. Windows line every wall and the lit candle on the counter is sending warm vibes of hearth and home.

Equestrian Engagement Session Part 2

– Austin Wedding Photographer –

Off to the barn we go. This is where I share my admiration at Madison’s tenacity to acquire the things she loves. She did not begin her journey with horses as a child, but instead the sport is something she began to pursue in her adult years. That fact really impressed and inspired me. She has always loved horses and has finally achieved her dream to become a rider and take care of her very own (very lovely) steed. She’s an old hand now, replete with dusty boots and treats always in her back pocket. And in true horsewoman fashion, wearing a new Nordstrom dress and being in full hair and make-up did not stop her from letting Andele love on her, or hopping on for a ride.

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