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Austin Greenbelt Engagement Session | Melissa + Cam | Austin Wedding Photographer

This engagement session on the Austin greenbelt has been giving me all the happy feels since I shot it. Like, I have not calmed down! First of all, Melissa and Cam are stinkin’ adorable. The way they love on and enjoy each other is actually the sweetest thing to witness. They are so pumped for marriage and I think they’re going to really love it! But secondly, GOSH I love me a dry creek bed! The Barton Creek greenbelt always looks a little sad when you drive by and there’s no water, but that’s only until you get down there and start exploring. I was giddy traipsing through the creek with these two. Dry or full, the greenbelt is spectacular. Gosh, I love Austin.

Melissa and Cam met through Young Life, which I really love because that’s actually how Kenton and I met! Listening to the way they talk about the kids they lead and pour into reminded me (for the thousandth time) how much I love Young Life and the people who give their time and energy to the students involved. It’s just a really incredible thing, and the people who lead are kind, generous, fun, and so passionate about Jesus and spreading the Gospel, Melissa and Cam included. Basically, all of this to say I LOVE Melissa and Cam and can’t wait for their Mercury Hall wedding in August!!

P.S. One new thing I’m going to try to do every engagement session and wedding is incorporate at least one double exposure image as a little whimsy shot… so when you get to the bottom that’s my favorite double exposure I created for Melissa and Cam!

Double exposure of engaged couple and fall leaves.


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