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I'm an Austin, Texas Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer! I hope you grab a glass of something yummy, settle in and stay awhile! Here you'll find inspiration for stunning Weddings and gorgeous Senior Portrait Sessions, but also touches of me and my life as a wife, photographer, Doodle owner, and believer! 

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Stephanie | Balmorhea Bridal Session | Austin Wedding Photographer

I’m FINALLY getting to share this stunning bridal session today! Bridal sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot, but they’re also so hard because I don’t get to share them until after the wedding!

This day with Stephanie and her sister Kelly was so happy. This was right in the middle of when Kenton and I were packing our College Station house and about to move to Dripping Springs. Getting to take a break from the insanity and enjoy a perfect sunset with lovely company was just what my heart needed. Plus, hanging out with Stephanie is like jumping into a pool filled with feathers. She’s got one of those hearts that is just a soft, safe space for anyone.

She and Rylan got married at Balmorea Events back in September, and it was the HAPPIEST day ever! They did a rose petal exit from their reception which was a first for me and soooo pretty. It was such a fun, easy, unique way to add a little more special to their wedding day. And the rose petals were the same color as Stephanie’s beautiful blush dress, soooooo that about made my heart explode. It’s so fun to write this bridal blog post now that I’ve shot their wedding, because, of course, during the session we talked all about the wedding day and how excited we were, and now they’re married! Bridal sessions are just special like that. They’re such a celebration of what’s been and what’s to come, and they’re the perfect way to put a really lovely end mark on the season of life before marriage.

Sweet Stephanie, I’m so grateful for all this time I had with you! Your bridal session was a dreammmmm, and y’alls wedding day was perfect. Hope this blog brings back all those little butterflies, because you were such a stunning bride, friend!

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