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When I'm not at home hugging doodles or working in my garden, I'm in Austin, Texas shooting Weddings and Portraits! I hope you grab a glass of something yummy, settle in and stay awhile! Here you'll find inspiration for stunning Weddings and gorgeous Portrait Sessions, but also touches of me and my life!

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Friends, meet the sunshine couple.

This warm, late summer wedding began with the prettiest, delicate bridal details and unfolded into a night of a thousand smiles. Peach Creek Ranch has never looked so good as it did with Nayeli’s touches of blush, cream, and navy, and that was before the beautiful people went inside!

When I went in to see Nayeli in her bridal suite to begin photographing details, I became immediately aware of her sweet, joyful, delightful presence. I mean, it hits you like a warm wave of nice perfume. I wish I could replay a recording of her talking to me and constantly replying to things I’d say with with abundant “darlins” and “baebuh.” (Okay I have to explain the “baebuh” thing. She’s saying “baby,” but she says it like “bae-buhh,” so it’s more emphasis on the “ay” sound, it’s a trade of the “ee” sound for a “uh” sound, and if you add those sounds plus a little southern drawl, and you’ve got it. It’s completely adorable and instantly makes you feel like her best friend. It also makes you instantly want to copy her and say “baebuh” too. But don’t try it. I’m convinced only this ray of sunshine can pull it off.) Nayeli is immediately your best friend and there are no hoops to jump through with her. She’s instantly her authentic self with everyone she meets, and her authentic self just happens to be the most inviting, inclusive, incredible shade of sweet. She’s just sweet, in it’s purest form.

Alex is no different. Being around Alex is like being around an old friend who is completely down to earth and completely easy-going (and also completely kind). He’s the perfect counterpart to Nayeli’s “darlins'” and “baeebuhs” that flow out of her free and warm like a summer breeze. Alex is steady. He was steady all day on his wedding day (minus a really sweet tear or two when Nayeli walked down the aisle – which, let’s be honest – melts us all) and I know he’s steady for Nayeli all the time.

This beautiful, black tie wedding was such a special way to end my summer wedding season. I drove home that night on such a high from this ridiculously amazing couple and their stunning day. Actually, I drove home listening to (okay, blasting) Old Town Road. Don’t judge. I was so happy from spending the day with them, so excited about their stunning images, and the last song I heard blaring from their reception was Old Town Road, so I wanted the party to keep on going for me, even as I drove home. I imagine everyone who hugs Nayeli and Alex goodbye feel the same way – instantly nostalgic for their sweet presence and grace-filled kindness. That’s why they’re the sunshine couple. And that’s just one reason why this wedding is so, so special.

Congrats Nayeli and Alex! Y’all are a couple of darlin’ baebuhs, through and through.


Photography – Emily Boone Photography

Venue – Peach Creek Ranch

Videography – Vines and Branches Productions

Florals – Mad Flowers & Co

Planning – All Things Planned

Bridal Boutique – Le Reve Bridal Couture

Bride’s Shoes – Bella Belle Shoes

Rings – Diamond Cutters International

Cake – Cakes by Blondie

Invitation Suite – Paper Tie Affair

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