Susannah + Cody | A Late Summer Wedding at The Gin at Hidalgo Falls

Bright late summer florals, bold red lips, flowing bridesmaid gowns, succulent table decor, cotton in abundance, a custom made altar by the groom, big smiles all around, and it all wraps up with a helicopter exit? Um, YES, this wedding one for the books! I’d expect nothing less from my dear friends Susannah and Cody. They really don’t do anything less than 110%!

This late summer wedding at the Gin at Hidalgo Falls felt like a big happy family reunion. Not only because I love the dear folks at the Gin and was so excited to work with them again, but because Susannah and Cody used to be in my old life group in College Station! So not only did I get to hang out with them all day, but I got to see my whole group, too! And I made new friends, too! That’s not a hard not to with the people that gravitate to Susannah and Cody and their families.. These guys are good times and good people magnets! I just don’t think there’s anything either of them wouldn’t do for anyone they love. They’re both super loyal and loving and low key stress, but high key happy. You’ll see what I mean when you keep scrolling. Susannah’s smile is literally the biggest I’ve ever seen. I mean no one makes putting on perfume look that much fun (or glamorous, HELLOOOOO red lips!).

Okay, and I just have to dedicate this moment to Cody and the series of photos you’ll see of him waiting for and watching Susannah come down the aisle. Get ready to tear up, folks, because this was the sweetest. There was a brief pause after the last bridesmaid walked down and the whole time Cody had really been holding it together. As the tension mounted and we kept waiting, Cody’s best man came over and just grabbed his shoulders in camaraderie – it was the sweetest moment! Then when Susannah came down the aisle… gahhh! I’ll just let the photos tell the story themselves. But the whole moment of the aisle and the father hand-off with Susannah’s dad is one of the sweetest I’ve witnessed. I kind of knew it would be… Cody truly has a heart of gold, and it beats big for his bride Susannah.

Susannah and Cody, I just LOVE y’all!!!! I feel so blessed that I got to be there for your big day and document all the happy times. Who else can pull off such a ridiculously amazing party so smoothly AND catch a ride in a helicopter for an exit like they do it all the time?! Only y’all. This was seriously the perfect day for you guys and I’m so PUMPED for y’all to take on the adventure of MARRIAGE!!


Photography – Emily Boone Photography

Venue – The Gin at Hidalgo Falls

Florals – Tricia Barksdale Designs

Dress – Coreena’s Bridal

Cake – Fabulous Fare

  1. Clifford Fry

    October 2nd, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    Thanks so much for all the great pictures. It was an A+ wedding. I wish you both many blessings in your life together.

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