Sarah + Camden | A Sweet Summer Brownstone Reserve Wedding

There’s one thing for certain: the more weddings I shoot, the more grateful I become. Every single wedding is different. Every couple has their unique nuances. Every venue different attributes. Every family special traditions. But even if I were to shoot 100 weddings between now until next July, I still don’t think any one would ever be just like the other. They each are so magical and they each continue to make me feel so thankful and humbled that I am a wedding photographer. Sara and Camden’s day especially reminded me how blessed I am to get to witness and document a couple’s sacred first steps into marriage. There’s just something effervescent about Sarah and Camden’s connection. It’s whimsical and wholesome, considerate and caring, patient and kind. It’s like their love tells the truth. And it’s humbling to be around.

The day began with wispy pink details and a lot of laughter coming from both sides of the venue as the guys and girls were getting ready. Sarah and Camden also opted for a first look which felt like an actual fairy tale. Her off the shoulder gown underneath a big oak tree with low hanging branches was giving me all the feels. And then add on the magical quality of Camden and Sarah posing for photos together and I’m just on the floor. I also have to share how preciously conscious of everyone else this couple was all day. I really couldn’t tell you the amount of times I heard Sarah compliment how beautiful her friends and family looked (as she stood there in her wedding dress), not to mention that the first thing she did when she saw me was ask about my recent move to Dripping Springs. My couples simply continue to just blow me away with how they love other people and place others over themselves, and Sarah and Camden are a king and queen of consideration. Oh, and also JOY. Their sweet smiles kind of actually melt my heart and basically have me holding a soft smile anytime I look at their photos. Is that creepy? I’m imagining you sneaking in on me as I edit their photos and you’re all: “Emily…. you’re soft smiling at your computer alone in your office… WHAT UP WITH THAT?” And I’ll be all “AH DON’T JUDGE ME I JUST LOVE MY COUPLES K?!?!” Ahem.. Anyway… speaking of joy, just wait until you see what Sarah and her dad did for their first dance!! I can’t even. It’s going to make your heart explode. Their relationship is so precious and fun and what they chose to do for their (surprise!) first dance had everyone in fits of delighted laughter and tears.

Sarah and Camden, you are absolutely perfect for each other. Watching you guys love on others and each other all day on your wedding day was such an honor. I’m so grateful to know you and be friends with each of you. Congratulations on the most stunning wedding and for stepping into your greatest adventure yet: your marriage!!!


Photography – Emily Boone Photography 

Venue – Brownstone Reserve

Rings – Christie’s Jewelers

Catering – Buppy’s 

Rentals – Party Time Rentals

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