Susannah + Cody | The Gardens at Texas A&M University Engagement Session


Where to even begin? I guess I’ll start with saying I love them. Guys, I love y’all!!!! Susannah was one of my first new friends when I moved to College Station in the fall. We met through small group and it didn’t take long before we were riding horses together through a huge ranch in Texas literally living out childhood dreams of mine. Susannah is the kind of sunny personality that you want around on literally any kind of day. In a bad mood and need a perspective adjustment? Hang out with Susannah. Pumped on a recent personal victory and need a celebration buddy? Hang out with Susannah. Need a sun tan? Hang out with Susannah. She’s your all around, ride or die, always a good hang kind of friend. But then she got ENGAGED to Cody and all minds were blown because this couple together is everything I said about Susannah and more.

These two can hang. One of the things I admire most about Cody, aside from his all-around awesomeness, is that he’s got a mind for others. He’s just not the kind of person who’s all in his head about himself. That quality has blessed me and our small group multiple times over our past few months of meeting together, as he always pushes us to think outside our own lives to grander schemes. And I can only imagine how Susannah will benefit from that rare quality in marriage.

Ugh, these two.. they’re just good. And joyful. And FUN. SO STINKING FUN. I told you they’re a good hang. I mean, they’re like “Celebrate Good Times” by Kool and The Gang embodied in human form. They are glad, hilarious, lovely humans and I’m SO PUMPED to shoot their wedding in September! However, no promises that we’ll get the same shot of Susannah on Cody’s shoulders on that day. But on the other hand… no promises that we won’t either. 😉

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