Melissa | Aggie Senior

I think I may have lost my voice after this senior session with Melissa. I mean, the *photographer is having a moment* shrieks were endless with this one because I just LOVE her! She is joyful and fun and easy-going and also stunnnnnning. Also I’m so here for that white dress with those maroon kicks.

Our day began at the Admin Building with basically every other human in College Station (haha it was insanity – in addition to prom groups and tons and tons of seniors there for photos, I think I saw 2 or 3 other photog friends there that day too, which was really happy!) and ended at Melissa’s grandparents private ranch. But in the photos, you’d never know that one location was totally wild and populated and one was quiet and isolated. Melissa handled both of them with such ease, which, I’ve decided, must be how she handles all other things in her life. She’s just got this calm “I got this” confidence about her which is SO INSPIRING. I just love her spirit. She’s tough but soft at the same time, which is such a flattering look on her (as you’ll see when you scroll through the photos in a minute!). And that same tough, soft spirit of hers just got this girl officially certified as a realtor in College Station, a goal she’s worked toward for years!! So if you need help finding a place to live in Brazos Valley, hit this girl up!

There were just so many things to celebrate in this session, and I’m so glad we got this time together! If I could go back in time and shoot this session all over again, I would. Melissa is a joy to spend time with. Laughing through the Admin Building chaos and dancing through fields of wildflowers with her was on of my favorite days back in April. Congrats on everything Melissa – you’re a dear!! Thanks for dancing with me and making me lose my voice 🙂

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