Joanna | Spring Bridal Session at Henkel Hall Round Top Texas

By now, you probably know that I’m quite head over heels in love with Round Top, Texas. So when Joanna told me she wanted to have her bridal session at her venue, Henkel Hall in Round Top, I was PUMPEDDDDD. My heart beats for shabby chic. Come over to my house anytime and you’ll understand what I mean. I just love that look and basically anything that comes out of Round Top is something I’d pay a pretty penny for or at least take a photo of to enjoy for some later, wistful decoration inspiration.

But likewise, you probably also know that I reallllllllllllly (x like 100) love bridal sessions with my brides. It’s one of my favorite things about my job. I think there’s just something so expressive about a bride in her wedding dress. It’s like the full picture of who she is as a woman, from the soft curls on her head to the carefully selected shoes on her feet. I mean, what a woman chooses to wear on her wedding day – arguably the most important day of her life so far – is telling. It’s like, “Hey, here’s my heart in dress form.” You just know that each one of us want to adorn ourselves with the look that makes us feel most beautifully “us” on our wedding day. So getting to photograph that experience for a bride on a day separate of her wedding is SO SPECIAL. I mean, you only get this once in your life. Bridal sessions are special to me for my brides because they freeze a moment in time for them that will never return. But even more than a moment, it freezes a feeling. The feeling of anticipation of a new, beautiful thing in their life. Anticipation of the title and role of “wife.” And the feeling of being beautifully and perfectly expressed YOU.

So when Joanna decided to opt for a bridal session I was elated. I couldn’t wait to see her expression of herself. And getting to witness her happy smile as the golden hour glow fell softly on her loose, pretty updo was really special. I’m so grateful that I get to do this for my brides, and I’m so happy for each of you. This season is crazy and wild, but slowing down with a celebration of YOU, of your unique beauty and your joy in this season, that’s the greatest gift of all. And this particular bridal session celebration is a new favorite. That white church, those old oaks, her smiling eyes – what a precious moment in time for this beautiful EBoone Bride, Joanna!

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