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I'm an Austin, Texas Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer! I hope you grab a glass of something yummy, settle in and stay awhile! Here you'll find inspiration for stunning Weddings and gorgeous Senior Portrait Sessions, but also touches of me and my life as a wife, photographer, Doodle owner, and believer! 

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Avery | Dripping Springs Senior | Dripping Springs Photographer

This Dripping Springs senior has my heart!!!!!! I’ve known sweet Avery and her mom, dad, and brother (Lori, Terry, and PJ) since Avery’s pig-tail days, and what I remember most were those Texas sized brown eyes and her precious, happy heart. Well, almost 18 years later none of that has changed, but only grown more lovely! Avery is a joyful, free spirit who is going to take her gifts and skills to A&M Corpus in the fall. Her heart for animals is leading her to care for them with her life, and I have to say not only does she have a heart for animals but the eye for them too. While tramping through this expansive ranch for her senior portrait session in Dripping Springs, Texas, her keen eyes caught at least 2-3 animals (one of them a fox!) that none of the rest of us knew was there at all! Also, watching her love on the horses at the ranch really made this horse-girl heart of mine super happy.

I just love Avery and her family so much and am so grateful that I got to document this special season in her life!! God’s timing is so wild, because when I booked this session with Avery a few months ago, Kenton and I had no clue we’d be moving to Dripping Springs. Isn’t that insane and just so God? Not only that, but Avery’s mom, Lori, is an incredible real estate agent in Dripping Springs.. Ha! So in one email from Lori months ago, God essentially connected us with 1) a family to know in our new town before we even got here, 2) a family to help spread the word that my portrait and wedding photography business will soon be based out of Dripping Springs, and 3) the perfect real estate agent to help us find a place to live in our new town. Can you believe that?! At the time this session was shot, Kenton was actually interviewing with the church, so we weren’t sure it was a real thing yet. I just kept casually asking Terry sly questions about what they liked about living in Dripping Springs. The problem is he caught onto me and literally said, “You sound like you might be interested in moving here..” At the moment I had to laugh it off but when I got home and told Kenton we both died at how perceptive Terry was. Thanks for the helpful info Terry – we’re pumped to get to our new town soon!

So, as you can imagine, I’m SO excited to share this Dripping Springs senior portrait session with you today! Kenton and I can’t wait to move to our new town soon! So if you’re in Dripping Springs and you know someone who is getting married soon, graduating high school/college, having a baby, or even anyone who just needs some new portraits taken, I am so excited to start booking with and serving the community of Dripping Springs, Texas! Cheers to the Gateway to the Hill Country, y’all! 


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