Melissa + Seth | Spring Engagements at The Antique Rose Emporium

Oh my goshhhhhhhh oh my gosh oh my gooooOoOOdness this session with Melissa and Seth !!!!!!! That might be a little bit extra but when I look at these photos it’s literally how my heart feels. I just LOVE these two and I LOVE this location! Antique Rose Emporium is absolutely stunning. We didn’t even hit all the spots and we ran out of time because there’s just endless opportunity here. But I really don’t think this session would be as lovely without Melissa and Seth. These are two of the kindest people you’ll meet. The first time I sat down and had coffee with Melissa it felt like we’d known each other for years. They’re just the kind of couple that feels warm, you know what I mean? Also, Seth might be the most courteous person alive. He makes you feel super honored just by the way he talks to you. And together, they’re welcoming like a batch of warm chocolate chip cookies. Melissa is so kind that she was willing to schedule their session on her birthday and spend her bday evening with me, which really just felt like a gift to me! I really can’t get enough of these two hearts and I cannot WAIT for their wedding next month!! It’s going to be so great!!! Enjoy this pretty spring session! I experimented with double exposures during this session and you can find a few down at the bottom!

Melissa was super cool and was totally down for me to try some double exposures for the first time! I’ve never done them at a session before but I’m excited to work them into wedding days and sessions if there’s time! I love the way these two turned out.

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