Katie + John Austin | Spring Engagement Session at Research Park

The beginnings of spring are so sweet, aren’t they? This session was shot right when the trees had little baby buds on them and I love the color that brought to these photos of Katie and John Austin. Cotton and Maggie (their cutie cute pups) joined along for their session, too, and that made me suuuper happy. Something that might be weird about me is that I love picking up on how different people talk… I know, it’s just a thing I do. Through years of watching Gilmore Girls I think I’ve engrained some of Lorelei’s speech patterns into mine. Aaand confession here… this used to happen whenever I’d watch an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (which I do not allow myself to do anymore, haha). Wow I’m so embarrassed to admit that on the internet. There’s just a SUPER specific way that Kourtney talks and sometimes I found myself emulating that. It’s like a really slow (not super intelligent sounding) yet actually kind of endearing cadence of speech. Wow, aaaanyway, John Austin is very specific about the way he pronounces Cotton’s name – it’s very lovely and probably the way “cotton” is supposed to be pronounced, with a specific emphasis on the t’s in the word. During their session I found myself saying her name the way they do, which kind of made me feel like part of the family, haha!

I liked that Katie and John Austin picked Research Park for their engagement session because they’re real outdoosy people (which is what initially told me we’d really get along). They met rock climbing (how cool is that?) and love to spend time outside. So walking around the park on a cloudy day was very recreational for us all. And having the dogs there.. well it quite literally made it a walk in the park. Which, by the way, is how I feel their wedding in November will be like, too! Katie and John Austin are super chill and layed back, and are just all about their people, which I love and admire. They’re excited to spend their wedding day with dear friends and family, and I’m so thrilled that I get to be there, too!┬áNot to mention.. a couple of cute pups I know will also be in attendance, and that will make it a very special day indeed!

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