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It had been raining for weeks, and I think it was probably the day before that I prayed, “God, I ask for sun, and let us be able to walk around on dry ground.” Even the night before at their rehearsal dinner (which I also got to document for Nathan and Lora) there was very […]

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March 27, 2019

Emily Boone

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It had been raining for weeks, and I think it was probably the day before that I prayed, “God, I ask for sun, and let us be able to walk around on dry ground.” Even the night before at their rehearsal dinner (which I also got to document for Nathan and Lora) there was very thick fog and the grass and ground were wet with moisture. No matter the weather, it would have been a perfect day, but wow, thank you God that the prettiest day in February 2019 was Nathan and Lora’s wedding day on the 23rd.

Not only was the day adorned with blue skies, birds singing, and yes, dry ground for Lora to walk on in her perfect dress, but God went one step further and gave us a golden sunset, too (which honest to goodness brought me to tears as I stood in the reception hall and saw the golden beams streaming through the window). I’m still so full thinking back to this day! God is so good! And where do I begin with this cute couple?

Lora is a woman with vision. La Bahia Verein is an early 1900’s dance hall straight out of Footloose, replete with vintage chairs, original hardwoods, twinkle lights and rows and rows of push open slot windows. The way she transformed this space into their perfect wedding venue is stunning. But, I’ve learned in this journey with them, that’s what this couple does. They touch something (people, mainly) and it blooms. As I mentioned, I was able to listen to their family and friends affirm them at their rehearsal dinner. In addition to being two HILARIOUS humans, they also love the Lord wholly and love people completely. Their wedding day was honestly a reflection of that.

Really, this wedding was stunning and heartfelt from the inside out. Nathan and Lora reverberate joy, and that flowed out from every big moment and little detail. And, speaking of details, Lora and her girls got ready at the most precious shabby chic bed and breakfast in Burton and I have to say it was actually my dream. If you don’t know already, shabby chic is very much my style, so shooting a wedding in Round Top (one of my FAVORITE places ever!) that ALSO had some shabby chic flair I was pretty much in heaven.

Also, Lora’s dress is perfect. That is all.
This was just the start of happy moments on this day. I had just wrapped up shooting her details when Lora make herself snuggly on this *perfect* vintage iron bed to read a note from a friend.

But what’s a *perfect* iron bed if it’s not full of your best friends all in matching flannel jammies?
Lora and her mom have the sweetest relationship and this following group of photos makes my heart really, really happy.
Okay, also. Lora had a lace top designed to fit over her dress. When I learned this at her bridal session I about had a heart attack from joy.
Isn’t she cute, ugh!!

Ooookay I’m going to need to pause here. This was one of the HAPPIEST MOMENTS I’ve ever had on a wedding day. Lora had just finished getting ready and wanted to do a reveal with all her friends. So, imagine… “White Dress” by Ben Rector is BLASTING from someone’s bluetooth speaker (maybe you should just turn it on now as you scroll through these photos because I’m listening to it now and WOW I have goosebumps), all Lora’s bridesmaids are walking in holding hands with their eyes closed, Lora is just losing it…

And then, as if perfectly timed, right when the chorus hit it was time I got to tell the girls to open their eyes and see their beautiful friend in her white dress on her wedding day !!!!!!
Whew I was still recovering from that when we did the first look with her dad that ended with the most beautiful, spontaneous family moment that still gives me a lump in my throat.

Okay switching it over to the guys so I can get these feels off! Man! Looking at those really gets me, haha. Okay, so GUYS. They kept it pretty upbeat over a their house but, I mean, I don’t know how you can’t be upbeat when Nathan’s around. He’s a big ball of happy.
This shot below is one of my favorites that Kenton has taken of a groom, I just love it.

Oh yeah, and these guys just spontaneously, sporadically burst into song as well. But song with guitar accompaniment so it’s actually pretty legit, haha.
Alright, back to feels with Nathan and Lora’s first look. And it’s here that I’ll stop and thank God for making trees so amazingly, like this Cottonwood, with the perfect cream colored arching branch to act like a living altar for a large portion of Nathan and Lora’s photos for their wedding day.
Oh yeah there was an Airstream. AN AIRSTREAM GUYS. AN AIRSTREAM.
Also the most beautiful and unique bouquet ever.

This horizontal below is one of my absolute favorites of the day.
Alright get ready for the happiest bridal party ever.
Also, I really love transition photos. A lot of the time on wedding days, that means bridesmaids helping the bride walk in her dress, people moving from one location to the next, or people just standing in groups, talking and waiting, being pretty and patient. I always try to grab some transition photos because they’re just really real, always organic and pretty, and I just really like them. They paint a super authentic portrait of what the day felt like at times. So I’m going to start sharing more of these!

Okay, Lora is laughing over to her left because she was watching the next series of photos happen with Nathan and his groomsmen, who are SO FUNNY.
I don’t always include individual photos like these but I just had to because these make me die laughing. Congrats Nathan, these made the blog.
More pretty transitions.
And now you’ll get to see some of Lora’s amazing vision for this old dance hall!
This little moment is another fav.
Also white walls = yay.
Okay NOW you really get to see Lora’s stunning vision. From fruit as table decor to mismatched vases to rosemary sprigs at every seat to apples as table number holders, this was the most unique, beautiful reception! Also head table of my dreams:
This is the moment that made me cry – the golden sunset streaming in through the window at the reception. God is good!
This is Nathan’s adorable nephew. He did this THE WHOLE TIME. I mean, this nugget can get it.
He miiight get his moves from his uncle, haha.
Okay I love this: Nathan hoisted up by rowdy groomsmen and Lora in the foreground like, “ohhh here we go.” She was right because I think this ended in a collision with the ceiling fan, haha.
Haha Nathan can just see it coming.
Aggie things!
And the most perfect last dance and amazing confetti exit!

Nathan and Lora, I’m so blessed you picked me to be your photographer! This is a beautiful day I’ll always remember we all walked around on dry ground under warm sun !! Congrats on marriage – you guys are movers and shakers !!



Photography | Emily Boone Photography

Videography | Marie Atmar

Venue | La Bahia Verein, Round Top, TX., Heritage Sunday House

Planning | Haley Adams

Bridal Boutique | Lovely

Dress Designer | Louvienne

Groom Attire | Joseph A. Bank

Rings | Uptown Diamond, Lindsey Leigh Jewelry

Catering | Herbert’s Schovajsa Catering

Cake | Amy Dooley

Florals | The Farmer and I

HMU | Hair: Third Space Salon , MU: Nisa Nicole






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