Stephanie + Rylan | Balmorhea Events Magnolia Spring Engagement Session

The clouds were delicately hugging the new spring green grounds of Balmorhea Events Center as Stephanie, Rylan, and their spunky pup, Piper, greeted me with big smiles. We could have forgotten to get the photos because the weather was just that perfect. Standing and chatting felt like the appropriate way to thank Spring for greeting us with temperate temps and bright new hues!

And if all of that wasn’t reason enough to make this day perfect, Stephanie started talking about how much they love their one year old puppy Piper. All I gotta say is thank God I’m not the only one out there who loves their dog like it’s a human being, because knowing people like Stephanie and Rylan make me feel so much more normal 😂

But PS – how could you NOT love this face?

But Piper or no Piper, first engagement session TRUE Texas spring was so HAPPY. From the perfect green to the perfect weather to fact that both Stephanie and I love to shop and sometimes even at the same stores. If anyone is wondering where she got these super cute, very photo friendly dresses, Altar’d State is the place! And actually, on that note, I have to go on a little more about how nicely they paired their outfits. Sometimes patterns can look funny on DSLRs, but both patterns they chose were amazing and did no weird visual effects to my camera. Alsooo and this is the most important thing: Stephanie’s cream dress outfit matches Piper to a T.

The only sad thing about all of this is that I have to wait until September to shoot their wedding back at Balmorhea! However, I do get to see Stephanie for her bridals soon, and judging by how awesome she was at spinning around in that blue and cream dress, I have a good feeling about her wedding dress photos. 🙂

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